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Dans n'importe quelle langueIn any language任何语言किसी भी भाषा मेंEn cualquier idiomaبأي لغةIn jeder Spracheどの言語でもIn qualsiasi lingua어떤 언어로도W każdym językuTrong bất kỳ ngôn ngữ nàoIn elke taalУ будь-якій мові

AI-generated mind maps turn complex topics into simple visual formats, making it easier to grasp and remember detailed concepts. This method is great for breaking down tricky ideas, helping you see connections and patterns more clearly.

It reduces mental strain, allowing you to focus better on creative solutions and everyday problem-solving.

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Chris Ngo


The Visualizer has transformed the way I learn. Being able to synthesize hours of podcasts in English into a one-page maps, with its core concepts, translated into Chinese, saves me hundreds of hours per year.

Andy Lopata

Speaker and Author

I've been using The Visualizer to sense check chapters of my book, making sure I'm not missing anything. Same applies to my talks and articles. I can use it for inspiration without running the risk of plagiarism.

Marc Thivessen

MD, HULT EF Corp. Ed.

A different way to tell a story! This is such a useful tool to visualize complex topics.

Jeremy Cain


I am using The Visualizer to coach my team. I rough draft ways to engage, make sure I'm coaching, engaging, and communicating in more than just a linear path but with this tool, it's almost like my brain is going from two dimensional up to a three dimensional perception on how to engage the team!

Ruth Gotian

Educator and Author

Fantastic tool! Using it to create the structure and contents of a new book, so I will not miss relevant and connected pieces.

Robert Baffoe

Engineer, Upstream Oil & Gas

I’m taking The Visualizer through its paces with every docs I’ve got and never failed to blow me away.

Endless possibilities and use for me.

Drew Carson

Content Creator - AI Builder

The Visualizer is a really cool product for distilling complex information into hierarchical structure. Great for people like me who are self-taught and need a better way to keep track of homebrewed curricula (among many other use cases).

Virginia Bombín

IE University Professor

The Visualizer is a game changer as a lecturer, but also as a student!

Joe Divanna

Author, consultant and global public speaker. Harvard, Oxford and LBS.

Every time I use The Visualizer, I get more and more impressed.

It has become fundamental for my strategic thinking, scenario development, and risk management processes.

It augments my insight and enables me to discover “things I don’t know I don’t know”, using The Visualizer as a mechanism to gain perspective.

Arpit Choudhury

Founder of Databeats

I'm super impressed by the simplicity and the utility of The Visualizer.

I don't know who likes to parse through large blobs of text but I do know that a lot of people appreciate visual representations of ideas as it aids the learning process.

It's also a handy tool for writers to create detailed outlines very quickly.

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